Book Two:
My Oracle Bone Paintings

Wisdom in the Oracle Era

Author: Ningxin Tao

Below are the contents of “My Oracle Bone Paintings” which is the second book of Ningxin Tao’s series, “Wisdom in the Oracle Era”. In this book, the author explains the characters used in her 13 oracle bone paintings. The works, having been created since 2018, contain proverbs and idioms from both Eastern and Western cultures, but are expressed through the use of ancient oracle bone scripts and contemporary art. In this book, the author has drawn out each oracle bone script contained in her paintings and matched it with the current Chinese character and pronunciation, along with the English translation. 

The International Shufa Association has listed this book as a reference book for members to learn calligraphy. The book is available on Amazon.

See an excerpt from the book below: