Introduction to International Shufa Association

The word shufa in the International Shufa Association means calligraphy in English, and the “shufa” is the pronunciation of Chinese characters.

The International Shufa Association is an international non-profit social organization whose career goal is to inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of Chinese calligraphy art and culture. 

Chinese character civilization is the root of Chinese civilization. Shufa art and culture based on Chinese characters is one of the most splendid and precious achievements and traditions in the Chinese civilization system. At the same time, it is also an excellent cultural tradition of the “Chinese Character Cultural Region” formed by history. The shufa art and culture are not only never interrupted, but also an important part of the ongoing cultural and artistic activities of human society. As the human society increasingly cherishes its own civilization heritage, the excellent cultural tradition of shufa will surely be protected, inherited and carried forward. 

The work of the International Shufa Association mainly includes holding shufa competitions and works exhibitions, organizing cultural and artistic exchange activities; participating in the shufa art market and recommending excellent works to the collectors; compiling and publishing a series of documents “International Calligraphy Yearbook”, editing and publishing various shufa books. 

The International Shufa Association will host two international competitions for a long time to promote the healthy development of shufa art and culture. The two competitions are: the “Yan Zhenqing Prize” international youth shufa competition, and the “Wang Xizhi prize” international shufa creation competition. 

The International Shufa Association believes that in the contemporary and future society, shufa will gradually return to its true state, become a part of people’s cultural and artistic life, and become a part of people’s quality, especially for young people. 

As an international social organization, membership is not conditional on being a full-time calligrapher. Citizens who love shufa art and culture and are committed to learning and promoting it, regardless of race, religion, or nationality, can apply for membership. In order to encourage young people to uphold and inherit the excellent shufa tradition, the International Shufa Association has set up a youth branch to train future talents. 

The International Shufa Association has the foundation, council, secretariat, prize committee, editorial and publishing committee and other institutions, and is registered in south California, USA.